Website Program

Website Program

The Dealer Digital Solution has been designed to provide GM Canada dealers with choice of industry leading website suppliers. By selecting one of the six website suppliers, dealers will have the flexibility to select the website platform that best suits their unique dealership needs.

As a part of GM Canada Retail Excellence Program (REP) requirements, all dealerships must choose one of the six website suppliers. Once a website supplier is chosen, your GMDC will reach out to you for discussion on product activation.

Should you have additional questions about the process or Dealer Digital Solution feel free to contact the GMDC Support Team: 800-655-2594 or

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ATTENTION: Please note that Dealer Digital Solution enrollment choices for all digital services are now to be enrolled through this website and no longer through GlobalConnect.

If you do have any questions about this change or how to enroll for services through this website please reach out to the GMDC support team 800-655-2594

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360 Agency

The Power to Drive Forward. 360 Agency is a leading agency in the field of integrated and innovative solutions for connected car dealerships. We are a multidisciplinary agency of enthusiasts and experts grouped together from five companies, working together, to help your dealership achieve its goals and objectives to find success. From ecommerce websites to powerful management software, we create solutions to consolidate your physical and virtual automobile dealerships. Drop by our agency to refuel your business and propel your sales.

As of March 21, 2024, all new enrollments for SM360 and Pixel Guru through the Dealer Digital Solution will be on hold due to service level concerns with the supplier. General Motors and Shift Digital are currently working with SM360 to ensure all performance-related deliverables are met as soon as possible so we can resume normal enrollment activities.

Please note that existing SM360 clients may enroll in website add-ons, chat, and inventory merchandising tools

Thank you for your understanding.

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D2C Media

A Canadian leader in high-end automotive dealer digital solutions, D2C Media is your trusted partner for delivering performance and complete transparency. With a core focus on digital sales, websites, digital advertising, automotive CRM, and virtual BDC services, we strive to help dealers continuously maximize their return on investment. We believe that dealers should leverage their data to make it a competitive advantage, and we partner with an ecosystem of over 100 inventory syndication partners, most CRMs, DMSs’, Digital Retailing solutions, and Credit and Trade solutions to provide a fully integrated solution to meet your specific needs.

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Dealer Inspire

Built on unprecedented technologies and industry-leading design, the Dealer Inspire platform future-proofs dealerships by powering faster, easier, and more confident car shopping journeys from search to signature.

Cars Commerce (better known as which encompasses Dealer Inspire, FUEL, DealerRater, CreditIQ and properties advised GM Canada in Q4 of 2023 that they would be acquiring Montreal-based D2C Media Inc.

The acquisition of D2C Media concluded in early November of 2023 and in the time since, Cars Commerce have made the decision to sunset Dealer Inspire and use D2C Media as the flagship Canadian platform. This decision is influenced by D2C Media's established presence and infrastructure across Canada, which will provide enhanced service and support for Canadian dealers.

GM and Cadillac dealers who are currently using the Dealer Inspire platform will have two options moving forward:

  1. Continue to leverage the Dealer Inspire platform and, in the background, D2C Media will transition your website to their platformContinue to leverage the Dealer Inspire platform and, in the background, D2C Media will transition your website to their platform.

    ** All Dealer Inspire customers must be migrated onto the D2C platform by June 30, 2025, for all services.

  2. Choose an alternate website provider available through the GM Dealer Digital Solution program. If you have any questions, please contact the GM Digital Consultant team at 800.655.2594 or
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Bringing over 15 years of automotive experience, innovative technology and expertise in online marketing, EDealer is proud to be a GM Canada Certified Website & Digital Advertising Program Provider. We are committed to solving your problems with our transparent pricing model, dexterity in website design & development, online advertising, and superior inventory solutions. Focused on speed and efficiency, we are dedicated to your success with a ratio of 10:1 support to sales staff nationwide.

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Fox Dealer

Fox Dealer is a powerful digital partner. We combine five-star customer service with innovative tech to deliver real value to our clients. Fox specializes in creative design, digital marketing and responsive websites for dealerships. Our dedicated team of designers and campaign managers knows the industry and has the expertise to deliver value to our client’s time and again.

We're proud to be a Google Premier Partner. Our reputation as a top provider for high-performance dealerships is unmatched. Fox Dealer is here when you need digital marketing and advertising services.

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Connecting you with car buyers is our business. We don’t use a “one size fits all” approach to marketing. Instead, Leadbox helps auto dealers stand out from the competition by creating highly customizable website platforms with unique creative messaging to bring our Dealer Partners the most leads possible.

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AutoSync is a suite of modern, connected automotive software solutions that bring your digital advertising, online conversion, and in-store operational efforts together for unrivalled results. We help dealerships increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts, the efficiency of their processes, and the profitability of their business.

TRFFK digital advertising, TAdvantage websites, Motoinsight digital retail, EasyDeal desking, and Activix CRM are all backed by the power of marketplace. Providing dealerships access to the largest audience of new and used car shoppers in the country. It's no surprise that AutoSync is the largest provider of dealer and OEM software in Canada.

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