D2C Media

Your Trusted Partner in Digital Innovation

D2C Media, a leading provider of digital advertising solutions for automotive dealers in Canada, is committed to delivering exceptional performance and complete transparency. Our main focus is on boosting digital sales and empowering dealers to maximize their return on investment. We believe in leveraging dealership data to gain a competitive advantage. D2C Media's unique advantage lies in our advanced targeting and bidding technologies, coupled with a comprehensive multi-point attribution model. This enables us to optimize campaigns based on key metrics that are significant to dealers, such as cost per store visit and cost per sale, ensuring that your advertising efforts produce impressive outcomes.


Ultra-Fast Headless Websites with a Mobile-First Approach

In our mobile-first world, speed reigns supreme, and D2C Media knows it. That's why we revolutionized our mobile site platform from the ground up, leveraging cutting-edge headless architecture to usher in the industry's swiftest user experience.

  • Mobile-Centric Speed: We prioritize lightning-fast website performance in a mobile-first world.
  • Revolutionary Headless Architecture: Our platform is built from the ground up, harnessing state-of-the-art headless technology for unparalleled speed.
  • 2.5x Faster: On average, our websites loaded a remarkable 2.5 times faster than the leading competitors in the market.

In a rigorous assessment conducted in June 2022, D2C Media websites ranked #1 in complete page load speed among the top 5 vendors in the market. On average, we clocked in at a blazing 2.5 times faster than the leading five vendors in the market. Experience the future of speed with us!

Comprehensive Digital Retailing Tools for Every Stage

Consumers increasingly rely on online channels in today's dynamic car shopping landscape. However, it's essential to understand that your website visitors may be at different stages of their car-buying journey. That's why D2C Media's digital retailing solutions transcend the traditional 'buy now' approach. We offer a range of tools and options crafted to assist and engage visitors at every step of their car-buying journey, including:

  • Engage your audience with immersive showroom images seamlessly linked to matching inventory.
  • Experience complete and in-depth mobile optimization for the online 'Build & Price' feature.
  • Automatically enhance inventory images by removing backgrounds, correcting vehicle angles, and adding custom backgrounds.
  • Effortlessly generate high-quality inventory vehicle descriptions with the assistance of artificial intelligence.
  • Offer users instant and accurate trade-in valuations sourced directly from Canadian Black Book and Accu-Trade.
  • Provide user-friendly credit score and credit application forms.
  • Access comprehensive lease and finance payment calculators covering all OEM offers and incentives.
  • Enjoy an auto-zoom image carousel for high-resolution views when hovering.
  • Streamline lead collection with a transaction builder, capturing comprehensive details efficiently.
  • Offer online vehicle reservation and deposit options using PayPal or Stripe.
  • Benefit from highly optimized and customized offers.
  • Track vehicle delivery status directly from DMS import with site tags and filters.
  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations with a streamlined cookie consent gathering and management solution.
  • And much more!

Discover a more interactive and customer-focused approach to navigating the realm of online car shopping through D2C Media.

Streamlined Lead Management with Automated Marketing Solution

Are you overwhelmed by a flood of leads every month, finding it challenging to manage follow-ups while adhering to CASL regulations? Your solution is here! D2C Media introduces its cutting-edge automated marketing platform, revolutionizing how dealers like you operate. Bid farewell to the cumbersome process of importing and exporting data with third-party emailing tools like Mailchimp. Our exclusive system effortlessly sends automated emails using customizable templates linked directly to your website, maintaining your dealership's distinct identity.

Key Features:

  • Effortless pre-configured emails: Harmonize your dealership's aesthetic seamlessly with our pre-designed templates.
  • A diverse selection of templates: Choose from over 20 dynamic templates crafted to engage your audience effectively.
  • Mass email capability:Mass email capability: Reach out to your leads efficiently with our mass email tool, scaling your outreach efforts.
  • Hassle-free list import: Simplify the process of importing your email list from your DMS, saving you valuable time and effort.

Unlock the potential of automated marketing today with D2C Media and watch your leads transform into loyal customers effortlessly!

Unleash the Potential of our CMS: User-Friendly Interface and Powerful

Embark on the CMS (Content Management System) revolution that offers both intuitive navigation and robust functionality. With just a single click, unleash a realm of possibilities:

  • 1-click feature activation: Effortlessly unlock a myriad of features right at your fingertips.
  • 300+ customizable elements: Personalize your website with over 300 customizable elements, ensuring it reflects your unique identity.
  • Responsive custom page builder: Utilize our user-friendly, responsive editor to design your ideal website and craft content within minutes effortlessly.
  • Advanced group and multi-rooftop inventory sharing: Seamlessly connect, collaborate, and share inventory across groups and multiple rooftops.

Boost your online presence with our CMS – where easy meets empowerment, elevating your digital footprint effortlessly!

Elevate Your Insights with Our Comprehensive Dashboards

Experience streamlined access to vital information right at your fingertips. Our dashboards consolidate key elements, providing a unified interface for all your requirements.

  • Statistic Dashboards: Access real-time statistics effortlessly to stay informed.
  • Website CMS: Easily manage and update your website content with simplicity.
  • Inventory Manager: Keep track of your inventory and manage it seamlessly with all the necessary tools at your immediate disposal.
  • Media Performance Metrics: Evaluate the effectiveness of your media strategies with customized dashboards and reporting tailored to your needs.

What distinguishes us is our integration capabilities. We seamlessly merge data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and your DMS. No longer will you need to decipher results across multiple platforms. We present all the data to you in visually engaging graphs. Additionally, you can benchmark your site against as many competitors from D2C Media as necessary. Rest assured, everything is securely anonymized, empowering you to enhance your performance continuously.

Step into the future of analytics with our highly optimized dashboards – where simplicity converges with innovation, providing unparalleled insight and ease of use.

Revolutionize Your Inventory Management with Advanced Syndication

Transform your inventory management with our advanced syndication platform and enter a new era of efficiency. Revolutionize how you oversee your inventory, freeing up time to focus on business growth. Here's why we stand out:

  • Full VIN Decoding: Decode every detail accurately.
  • Syndication to and from 100+ Partners: Expand your reach exponentially.
  • Hand-Pick Vehicles for Media Export: Highlight the stars of your inventory for media exposure.
  • Full Facebook Marketplace Integration with Alerts: Seamlessly integrate with Facebook Marketplace and receive real-time alerts.
  • New Inventory Alerts: Stay informed with instant updates on new inventory arrivals.
  • Window Sticker Manager: Effortlessly create and manage window stickers.
  • Price Change Historical Log: Track pricing fluctuations over time.
  • Video Integration: Enhance inventory presentation with dynamic video showcases.
  • Fast and Easy Photo Management: Streamline photo management for efficiency.
  • V-Auto Integration: Seamlessly integrate V-Auto data into your system.
  • Customizable Reporting: Tailor reports to your needs by selecting desired columns.
  • Effortless Search: Easily search inventory using various criteria.
  • Multi-Dealer View: Gain a comprehensive overview of all inventories under one access.
  • CARFAX® Reports & Badging Integration: Simplify the car buying process with attention-grabbing badges and comprehensive vehicle history reports.

Elevate your inventory management to new heights with our advanced syndication platform. It's more than just control; it's empowerment.

Digital Campaign To Store Visits And Sales Attribution

At D2C Media, we firmly believe that dealers can transform their data into a powerful competitive advantage. That's why we offer a unique combination of advanced targeting and bidding technologies alongside a multi-point attribution model. This model optimizes campaigns using metrics vital to dealers, such as cost per store visit and cost per sale.

Our innovative solution seamlessly integrates with your DMS, eliminating the need for human intervention when tracking digital campaign performance. Bid farewell to the uncertainties of traditional metrics like impressions, clicks, and leads.

Your digital efforts are turbocharged with us as we focus on what truly matters to dealers: delivering tangible results through increased in-store visits and boosted sales. It's time to optimize your campaigns precisely and drive real, measurable success.