eVN Inventory Merchandising Packages

To enroll in an eVN Inventory Merchandising package, please follow the steps below:

  • 1. Add your preferred package and add-ons to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  • 2. Download and return the required forms:
    • a. For the Autograph Image Service, download and return the below Dealer Image Syndication form to info@gmdealerdigital.ca.
    • b. If you are adding the Enhanced Background, please download and return both the Dealer Image Syndication form as well as the Enhanced Background form to info@gmdealerdigital.ca.

Please note that the vehicle images provided by eVN are reflective of US model specifications. Any language needed to disclaim this information through online marketing channels will be the sole responsibility of the dealer.

If your Cadillac and CBG stores are under one BAC that you will only be billed once. However, we still require eVN enrollments for both Cadillac and CBG in order for your inventory images to be properly built.