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Welcome to the GM Canada Dealer Digital Solution. This program has been carefully crafted to assist our dealers in promoting and maximizing their digital presence.

GM Canada dealers will have access to industry leading technologies, designed to help sell more vehicles, service and accessories. Proven and distinguished website and digital advertising platforms across multiple partners allows dealers the choice to help customize their exact digital needs.

The Dealer Digital Solution combines top-level customer support, online products and services, and reporting tools and portals for dealers to compete at the highest level.

Understanding that as technology improves, so do the expectations from those utilizing these platforms. This solution not only solves the needs of today’s digital questions but also accounts for future roadmaps and enhancements to be provided through the addition of digital retail tools.

ATTENTION: Please note that Dealer Digital Solution enrollment choices for all digital services are now to be enrolled through this website and no longer through GlobalConnect.

If you do have any questions about this change or how to enroll for services through this website please reach out to the GMDC support team 800-655-2594 info@gmdealerdigital.ca.


The Dealer Digital Solution has been designed to provide GM Canada dealers with choice of industry leading website suppliers. By selecting one of the six website suppliers, dealers will have the flexibility to select the website platform that best suits their unique dealership needs.

As a part of GM Canada Retail Excellence Program (REP) requirements, all dealerships must choose one of the six website suppliers.

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Digital Advertising

Creating a digital strategy that connects you to your customers is essential. The Dealer Digital Solution provides GM Canada dealers with digital advertising packages customized to provide cost-effective, go-to-market strategies that will help your dealership connect with your customers online.

Digital Advertising packages are not currently a GM Canada Retail Excellence Program (REP) requirement.

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Chat Program

The General Motors Dealer Digital Solution offers a variety of diverse certified Chat options to communicate with your customers, schedule service, and drive engagement with your dealership. The available certified Chat suppliers allow the dealer to choose from many packages to fit their budget. The versatility amongst these suppliers delivers on products ranging from traditional, text and video chat.

Chat packages are not currently a GM Canada Retail Excellence Program (REP) requirement.

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Digital Retailing

Digital Retailing tools allow your customers to tap into the future of car buying. Choose one of the Digital Retailing suppliers to provide an online storefront, manage deals online, and seamlessly bridge the gap between online and in-store by giving your customers the option to complete the car buying process from the comfort of their own home. Digital Retailing packages are not currently a GM Canada Retail Excellence Program (REP) requirement.

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Inventory Merchandising

Displaying high-quality, vehicle specific images is a vital part of the online consumer shopping experience today. The Dealer Digital Solution allows for dealers to work directly with some of the leading suppliers in the space. Learn more about the offerings of these suppliers below to bring state of the art imagery to your dealership’s inventory.

Inventory Merchandising packages are not currently a GM Canada Retail Excellence Program (REP) requirement.

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